While going through our archives we came across a story which feels like it only happened yesterday.

The day the stars of popular TV programme Top Gear descended on Abergavenny causing mayhem at the same time.

It happened 10 years ago. Here's the story and pictures we published at the time:

TOP GEAR fan Caroline Brock was among hundreds of shoppers to watch the show’s presenters whizz around Abergavenny on mobility scooters yesterday.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May caused chaos in the town centre when they spent the morning filming for the show.

Driving customised scooters that included a six-wheel scooter, another had tank tracks instead of wheels and a power chair, the trio made their way along the High Street, visiting several shops as well as the Market Hall.

Miss Brock, 49, of St Helen’s Close, a scooter user herself was watching them film when Richard Hammond challenged her to a race.

Miss Brock said she was in Waterstones book shop when Mr Hammond began chatting to her.

“He told me he had a customised scooter and I said I could go faster on mine than his,” said Miss Brock.

“He challenged me to a race outside the shop as far as Mountain Warehouse and I beat him – twice,” she added.

“When I told Jeremy I beat Richard he was chuffed and gave me a pickled onion from a jar he bought in the butcher’s. He was lovely,” she added.

Dean Walker, 40, of Charles Crescent, watched Mr Clarkson navigate his scooter through the Market Hall and into the disabled toilet at Brewery Yard.

“He crashed into some cafe chairs before denting a wall in the toilet,” said Mr Walker.

Rob Trigg, of H J Edwards Butchers on Flannel Street, said Jeremy Clarkson came into the shop, narrowly missing some shelving and bought a jar of pickled onions.

“He joked he’d pay for it out of his change from the Severn Bridge toll,” he said.

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