A HUSBAND accused of murdering his wife told the police he had experienced sex problems with her during their marriage.

David Maggs, 71, is on trial accused of murdering Linda Maggs, 74, as they were about to enter the final stages of a divorce.

The defendant admits manslaughter on the ground of diminished responsibility after the victim was stabbed at the home they shared in Pontypool.

Maggs, of Lansdowne, Sebastopol, denies murdering her in her bed on the morning of Saturday, February 6, 2021.

Cardiff Crown Court has heard that the estranged couple were going through a bitter divorce that was due to conclude in a matter of weeks.

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Jurors were read interviews the defendant gave to detectives following his arrest on suspicion of murder.

Police asked Maggs about his personal life with his wife, including aspects of their sex life.

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Linda Maggs

He told them he wanted sex “three times as much as she did”.

Maggs said that when Mrs Maggs did have sex with him it was with a “moan all the time”.

She was flamboyant. She enjoyed dancing

Detectives asked if this had left him feeling “frustrated”.

The defendant replied: “It didn’t happen and that was it.

“You’ve just got to get on with it. That’s life.

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“When someone doesn’t want sex then that’s fine.”

Maggs was asked to describe his and her wife’s personalities.

He told them: “She was flamboyant. She enjoyed dancing.

“She was more athletic than me.

Talking about himself, Maggs said: “I like a quiet life. I don’t like stress.”

The defendant was then asked about his previous two marriages and replied how both his ex-wives “ran off with insurance men”.

Maggs admitted to detectives that he had opened her mail during their divorce and claimed she was hiding £166,000 from him.

He told them he had kept his hand on the purse strings when it came to household spending.

Maggs said: “She was the boss of the house but I was the boss of the finances.

“She wanted to spend more. You can’t just spend willy-nilly.”

The defendant added how Mrs Maggs wanted two fortnightly holidays abroad a year which he said he couldn’t afford.

Maggs said he was happy for the couple to split their estate 50-50 and denied to the police he was “obsessed with money”.

The trial continues.