GWENT MPs have been giving their reaction to the publication of the much-anticipated Sue Gray report into alleged gatherings at Downing Street during national lockdowns.

A redacted version of the investigation was issued to MPs yesterday afternoon – revealing there had been a “failure of leadership” on behalf of prime minister Boris Johnson for allowing the parties to take place.

A total of 16 events were investigated by the senior civil servant Ms Gray – 12 of which are also subject to Metropolitan Police investigations.

Mr Johnson addressed MPs in the House of Commons on Monday afternoon shortly after the report’s initial findings were made public and once again faced more calls to step down following the controversy.

The prime minister issued another apology and said he accepted Ms Gray’s findings in full but insisted that there would be numerous changes to the way Downing Street is run in the wake of the events.

Monmouth’s Conservative MP David Davies – who is also a minister in the UK Government’s Welsh Office – said that he welcomed the publication of the report, and that Mr Johnson did not mislead parliament.

“It makes clear that some of these events should not have been allowed to take place and others developed in a way that should not have happened," he said. "There is now an ongoing police investigation into this which I hope will conclude shortly.

“The report points out that the Downing Street garden was being used throughout the pandemic for work purposes by officials who were trying to keep outside as it was safer.

“There will be a need for action against anyone who is found by the police to have broken the rules. There will also need to be much greater clarity over who Downing Street and Cabinet officials answer to.

“There is no suggestion here that the PM himself has lied or misled the country or the House Of Commons in any way. He retains my fullest confidence and I hope we are now able to let the police do their job while the PM and Government concentrate on the cost of living the economic situation and the Ukraine.”

But many of Gwent’s Labour MPs have called on the prime minister to quit.

Torfaen MP Nick Thomas Symonds, who is also Labour's shadow home secretary, said Mr Johnson should show “decency” and leave office.

“Sue Gray’s update confirms that 12 of the 16 “gatherings” are now subject to investigation by the Metropolitan Police," he said. "It is a day of shame for Boris Johnson, and a complete failure of leadership.

“People up and down the country followed the rules, making extraordinary sacrifices – not hugging relatives for months, not being at the bedside of dying loved ones, not attending funerals.

“Yet, at Downing Street, Boris Johnson was treating the rules with contempt that he expected others to follow. If he had any decency he would resign today.”

Newport East MP Jessica Morden said: “Although we still don’t have visibility of all of Sue Gray’s findings, we know that due to 'failures of leadership and judgement' by No 10 and the Cabinet Office there are now some 12 gatherings that took place at the heart of government under investigation by the Met Police.

“These gatherings took place at a time when people across Newport East were sacrificing so much, and it’s time now that the Prime Minister is honest with the country about his rule breaking.”

Newport West MP Ruth Jones called for Mr Johnson to “show some backbone” and step down.

Speaking on Monday afternoon she said: “I sat in the chamber this afternoon and listened to the prime minister of the UK bluster and bluff his way through, blaming everyone and everything around him and never once taking responsibility for his actions during the numerous parties that were held at Number 10, his place of work and his residence.

"He now wants us to wait for the Metropolitan Police report, again delaying and dithering.

“The prime minister is incapable of leading departments or ministers, let alone the country. He must show some backbone and resign for the sake of our country.”

Islwyn MP Chris Evans said: “During those tough early lockdown months there were people in this country losing family members, locked away from loved ones. Johnson can duck and dodge as much as he wants but he was in charge - those parties were his responsibility.

“Throughout this entire episode, Johnson has point blank refused to take any blame for what has happened instead he has tried to save his own skin.

“Thanks to Johnson we now have the embarrassing spectacle of a sitting Prime Minister being investigated by the police.

“If Johnson had an ounce of integrity, he would resign, but that is not something in the character of Boris Johnson. Britain deserves better than this.”

Blaenau Gwent MP Nick Smith and Caerphilly MP Wayne David, both Labour, were also approached for comment.