CASES of a new sub-variant of coronavirus has been detected in Wales.

The 'stealth variant', otherwise known as Omicron BA.2, is reportedly harder to detect than previous strains.

A "small number of cases" have now been reported in Wales according to Public Health Wales.

Hundreds of cases were reported across the border in England during the last week.

It is yet to be confimed whether the new strain is more transmissible than previous variants.

There is also, however, no sign from the UK HSA that the vaccine is any less effective against Omicron BA.2.


It has been found in several countries as well as the UK, including Germany and India.

A Public Health Wales spokesperson said: “We can confirm that Public Health Wales has identified small numbers of the BA.2 variant in Wales and we are monitoring the situation carefully.

"Recently published data from the UKHSA suggests that there is no change in vaccine effectiveness compared to the BA.1 variant.

"Evidence from European countries with significant numbers of BA.2 cases suggests that this variant is no more severe than BA.1.”