We are on the search for Gwent's Instagram fans.

Today we meet Sarah Williams, of Cwmbran, who runs an Instagram account for her dog Dougthechug, which has about 3,000 followers.

Doug is a nine-year-old chug and his occupation is "house guard".

He answers out questions here (with a little help from his mum):

When did you set up your page?

Four years ago.

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Why did you set it up and what is your Instagram about?

To share photos of my adventures. My page has also been featured in a news article as I am in the top 10 chugs to follow world wide. See hellobark.com/social-stars/chugs-to-follow-on-instagram/

What has been your favourite post - and why?

The memes that are created with my photo - because they are hilarious (obviously).

Why is Gwent special to you? Name three great things if you can!

I love Cwmbran Boating Lake, Keeper's Pond and Tredegar House for walks.

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What is the best thing about Instagram?

Meeting more chugs, worldwide. I even got a Christmas card from a chug in Australia.

What other Instagrammers do you like to follow?


Tips for getting the most out of Instagram?

Be a cute dog. Everyone loves a cute dog.