FAMILIES who struggle with costs for school uniforms and sports kits will be able to access a grant to help with extra costs associated with school life.

The Welsh Government has provided £3.3m funding to the PDG Access Grant and is now available to all school years from reception to year 11.

The grant will allow families who are eligible for free school meals up to £200 to help with the extra costs associated with going to school. This includes buying uniform, sports kits and equipment for after-school activities.

Before this announcement, the grant was only available to families with children in certain school years.

Jane – not her real name – had been receiving the grant for her youngest child and has now been given it for her eldest child. She said: “As a single mum of three children, having access to the grants has been amazing and has helped significantly. I was able to apply for the grant for my youngest daughter who started reception in September and was able to purchase everything she needed, plus a few extra t-shirts and pairs of tights.

“Since the grant has been extended to all year groups, I have applied for my eldest daughter who attends year 4.”

She applied online and was accepted within a few hours, with the money being sent within 14 days,

“This is going to be a great help with the cost of things going up so much,” she said. “I will be able to ensure she has a new uniform ready for the summer.”


Jeremy Miles, minister for education, said: “We know that families are facing extreme pressure with increases in the cost of living, and extra costs associated with going to school can be a real worry for them. Tackling the impact of poverty on learner attainment is a key priority for this government and removing barriers and worry around the cost of the school day by investing in the PDG Access Grant is one way in which we can support our children, young people and their families.”

He continued that the grant has already made a huge difference for many families across Wales, with more now being able to benefit.

“I want to make sure that income is not a barrier to children having access to activities around the school day, but that they are able to take part in the same activities as their peers and are given the support they need to reach their full potential.”

Eligible families are able to apply for the grant until June 30. You can find out more here