OBJECTIONS are mounting over plans to build 38 homes on a greenfield site in Raglan.

Concerns around flooding have been raised by residents over plans for a housing development on land off Chepstow Road.

Outline planning permission for up to 45 homes on the 5.4-acre site, which is included in Monmouthshire council’s Local Development Plan, was approved by councillors in 2018.

But since a reserved matters application was lodged earlier this month, several residents have raised concerns over flooding issues.

One objector said surface water has previously led to flooding on a section of Chepstow Road, making it ‘impassable’.

“A number of cars having been stranded and had to be rescued from the area, following heavy rainfall,” they said.

Another resident has raised concern the proposed raising of the site could make flooding issues worse.

“The surface flooding today, after a small amount of rain is extensive,” they said.

One resident said a field at the site has been subject to “heavy accumulation of rain water” since they moved to the area in 1981.

“If the site is raised to prevent this, what guarantees will be given to existing residents that they will not be subject to an increase in surface water from run off?” they asked.

But while part of the site is located within a flood zone, planning documents show these areas will be used as public open space rather than for housing.

The proposals for affordable housing in the application have been welcomed by Monmouthshire council’s housing department.

The proposed development includes 13 ‘affordable’ homes – one more than previously indicated – meeting a requirement of the outline planning consent that 35 per cent of the development is made up of affordable housing.

A response from the council’s housing department said the number was welcomed as there is “a high demand” for affordable housing in the area.

The plans include six one-bedroom apartments, eight two-bedroom apartments, four two-bedroom houses, seven three-bedroom houses, four four-bedroom houses and nine five-bedroom houses.

The 13 affordable homes will be managed by a registered social landlord.

The application will be determined over the coming months.