A SEVERN Estuary fisherman made a "terrible" discovery while exploring the area near the river earlier this week.

Martin Morgan, secretary of the Black Rock Lave Heritage Fishery, was walking along a section of the Wales Coastal Path near Magor on Monday, February 28, when he spotted the remnants of a fire covering the walkway - with burnt material being washed into a nearby reen.

The fire, Mr Morgan said, was an attempt to remove the plastic covering from a pallet load of copper cable.

"A terrible mess right on the Wales Coast Path at Magor sea wall," he said.

"We reported it straight away to NRW (Natural Resources Wales) yesterday afternoon over concerns that it is near to a water course.

"Heaven knows what is in the acrid fire debris but it is concerning that it may have an adverse effect on wildlife.

"What is the matter with these people?"

Mr Morgan said that, at time of contacting the Free Press' sister paper the South Wales Argus, he had not had any feedback from NRW on the matter.

NRW told the Argus it were unaware of having been contacted about the fire.

Monmouthshire County Council was contacted for further information.