A SCHOOL in Monmouthshire was tasked with building its very own bug hotel in a push to get youngsters to consider a career in construction.

As part of National Careers Week, pupils at Castle Park Primary School in Caldicot were challenged to build a large-scale bug hotel for the school – which was made out of surplus materials from nearby construction developments.

Besides encouraging wildlife to the school grounds, the bug hotel was an opportunity for pupils to get a taste of what a career in construction could look like – with some taking on the role of an architect – designing the bug hotel – while others took on more practical roles such as building and decorating.

The session was part of an educational visit by Barratt and David Wilson Homes South Wales to allow pupils to learn more about careers in construction.

Free Press Series: Pupils with their copies of the 'We Can Build' book, which details the various roles in the industry.Pupils with their copies of the 'We Can Build' book, which details the various roles in the industry.

Pupils also received a book called We Can Build, which contains inspiring stories of roles in the industry. 

What’s more, on International Women’s Day there was an emphasis on encouraging more girls to consider a job in an industry that has largely been dominated by men.

Tom Cleverley, a teacher at Castle Park Primary School, said: “Today’s session was inspiring for our pupils — allowing them to learn about careers which are not only available to anyone and everyone, but that also span a range of different positions.

“For instance, the prospect of a job in architecture is now something which lots of our pupils are excited by and might wish to enact in the building of the bug hotel ― and at such a young age, being aware of these varied opportunities and the skills they entail will only broaden their horizons.”

Francesca Evans, senior planner at Barratt Homes, said: “The main message we wanted to convey today was that careers in construction can offer a huge range of different roles and responsibilities.

“There’s an especially common misconception that construction-based careers are only for men ― when in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. For that reason, I can’t think of a better day to speak to the children at Castle Park Primary School than today — International Women’s Day.

“I began my career with Barratt around three years ago, with a degree and experience in local planning. And many of my male and female colleagues who aren’t educated to degree level have also proceeded to enjoy a successful career in construction with Barratt Developments South Wales.”