WHEN selling your house, there are a number of unspoken rules to follow in order to get the best price for your property.

Number one is clear and obvious – make your house look as clean and tidy as possible.

Unless a property is being sold as a project, of course.

So, before the estate agent comes around with a camera, it is always a good idea to declutter.

Of course, that will only take you so far.

Heavy furniture, and wall decorations are a whole different animal, as one property on the market in Chepstow will show you.

Here, a two bedroom top floor apartment in Riverside Mill is on the market, courtesy of Moon & Co.

In all fairness, it has a lot going for it, as well.

It offers attractive views of the river, it has allocated parking, and it is located in a convenient location for town centre life.

But, one thing is clear – and that is that the most recent owner certainly has an eclectic taste.

Free Press Series: The living room (Credit: Moon & Co)The living room (Credit: Moon & Co)

Now it has to be said, there is nothing wrong with how the property has been decorated, it just might not be to everyone’s cup of tea.

If anything, it shows character and personality.

Free Press Series: The master bedroom (Credit: Moon & Co)The master bedroom (Credit: Moon & Co)

But, if you have to criticise, you could make the argument that it makes it a bit tricky to imagine your own vision for the rooms.

Either way, it comes a long way short of being the most outrageously decorated property on the market right now.

Is this the most unique property in the UK?

That particular distinction goes to a three bedroom property in Montford Avenue, Kingspark, Glasgow.

An anomaly in today’s world, its price has actually decreased over the years.

While there is little in the way of furniture to distract the eyes the walls and ceilings do that job all by themselves.

Free Press Series: It is certainly, a sight to see (Credit: Westgate Estate Agents)It is certainly, a sight to see (Credit: Westgate Estate Agents)

It is incredibly difficult to describe the style that the most recent owner was going for, so we’re simply going to point out the mural of Princess Diana on the hallway wall and leave it at that.

In any case, both the Chepstow and Glasgow properties serve to show that you just never know what weird and wonderful houses can be lurking in plain sight.

Free Press Series: It is not entirely clear why there is a mural of Princess Diana on the wall (Credit: Westgate Estate Agents)It is not entirely clear why there is a mural of Princess Diana on the wall (Credit: Westgate Estate Agents)

The property for sale in Chepstow is brought to market by Moon & Co with an asking price of £169,950, and can be viewed on Rightmove here.

Meanwhile, the Glasgow property is listed by Westgate Estate Agents with offers over £72,500 being considered.

It can be viewed here.