A PLUS-SIZE beauty queen is on a mission to show that all women are beautiful – regardless of size.

Kimberley Cook, who lives in Blaenavon, first competed in Miss Inspiration beauty pageant in 2019 and never looked back.

She is now Miss Inspiration Ambassador Wales 2022 and hopes to be crowned Miss Inspiration Wales 2022.

Ms Cook said:

“I want to show that all women are beautiful no matter what size we are and that we can achieve anything we put our minds to."

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The beauty queen, who is originally from Pontypool, has suffered with body dysmorphia – a mental health condition where a person spends a lot of time worrying about what they perceive as flaws in their appearance – since she was a teenager.

“It made me ill for such a long time. I had low self esteem and panic attacks; I would cry myself to sleep at night," said Ms Cook.

“It’s been such a battle for me; relationships have suffered and I've lost people I loved because of this."

Refusing to let her mental health hold her back, Ms Cook entered the 2019 pageant after seeing a poster advertising it and has competed and raised money for charities ever since.

Free Press Series: Beauty queen Kimberley CookBeauty queen Kimberley Cook

“I believe you can achieve anything in life,” said Ms Cook.

“Do what makes your soul shine – through these pageants I’ve built confidence, made friends, and gained life skills.

“My life has changed for the better; pageants help you grow as a person – it’s not all about what you look like.”

Ms Cook has been involved with donating items such as books and Easter eggs to youngsters, and raising money for charities including Cardiac Risk in the Young and Alzheimer’s Society.

Free Press Series: Kimberley Cook at the top of Pen y Fan with her partner Mark JonesKimberley Cook at the top of Pen y Fan with her partner Mark Jones

Her fundraisers have included:

  • Climbing Pen y Fan with her “inspirational” partner Mark Jones;
  • Baking and selling cupcakes;
  • Raffles.

She now plans to raise money and awareness for mental health charity Mind.

“Since Covid lots more people have suffered with their mental health,” said Ms Cook.

“My goal to raise awareness for people with body dysmorphia and run a hub for people with mental health problems, hosting confidence building classes and jewellery making.”

Free Press Series: Kimberley Cook is supporting mental health charity: MindKimberley Cook is supporting mental health charity: Mind

She also hopes to host a ‘mining for Mind’ tour at Big Pit, followed by an afternoon tea to bring together queens and “make a positive difference”.

Ms Cook will compete at the Miss Inspiration final, at Congress Theatre Cwmbran, in June.