The former archdeacon of Monmouth, the Rev Ambrose Mason, has been disqualified from driving for 12 months after pleading guilty to a charge of failing to stop following a road traffic accident.

Llanelli magistrates heard that at 10.10am on December 22, 2021, Rev Mason was driving his red Ford Mondeo along the A40 between Bwlch and Crickhowell.

But as he pulled out to overtake a Traws Cymru bus, an oncoming Land Rover feared there would be a collision.

“The driver of the Land Rover had to break very heavily to avoid a collision,” explained Crown Prosecutor Mr Andy Jones.

“As a result, the Land Rover lost control and collided with the left hand side of the bus.”

Mr Jones told magistrates that despite the collision Ambrose Mason, 71, failed to stop and neither did he report the matter to the police.

However in a subsequent interview, he admitted returning to the scene  to check if anyone had been injured.

Once satisfied that there were no injured parties, he left the scene without making his presence known.

After hearing the Prosecution evidence, magistrates were shown a compilation of footage which had been retrieved from various cameras positioned inside the bus.

Thomas Henry Ambrose Mason admitted a second charge of driving without due care and attention.

He was legally represented in court by Mr Richard Morgan.

“This is a very disappointing admission for my client as he has an exemplary driving record and has held a clean licence since 1968,” he said.

“He realised that something had happened so he stopped, turned back to check that no one had been injured then went on his way.

"Because he hadn’t been involved in a collision, this was simply a misunderstanding.”

After a short adjournment, magistrates disqualified Ambrose Mason, of County House, The Struet, Brecon for 12 months. He was also fined £481 and ordered to pay £110 costs and a £48 surcharge.

“The reason we’ve reached this sentence is because the collision involved a public service vehicle that was simply going about it’s normal business,” said presiding magistrate Mr Steve McKenzie.

After training as a solicitor Ambrose Mason was ordained into the Anglican Church in 1987. He served as the archdeacon of Monmouth between 2013 and 2021 and was also the rector of Grosmant between 2003 and 2008.