A HOTEL chef has taken over the running of the pub where he learned his trade around 20 years ago.

Clive Williams currently works as a chef at the Parkway Hotel and Spa in Cwmbran.

However, he is shortly to return to the Woodlands Tavern in Llanvair Discoed, near Wentwood, to take over the running of the pub.

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The Woodlands is the very same pub where Mr Williams entered the culinary profession 20 years ago.

"At the moment I’m still working my notice at the Parkway – don’t finish here until the end of July," he said.

"I trained there, at the Woodlands. That was where I completed my apprenticeship.

"I left there exactly 20 years ago. I’m going back after 20 years and taking over the pub that I learned to cook in."

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Mr Williams said the Woodlands would be run from the kitchen. It is to become a family-run establishment, with everything on the menu made in-house.

"I’ll be running the place and cooking too," he said.

"With all the support of my family. We’re trying to keep it as much of a family affair as possible.

"In the area there is a lot of competition, a lot of other pubs, but the way I want to be slightly different is that I make everything. That’s my training. I do everything the old school way.

"Everything will be made in-house. Even down to pressing the burgers. All the desserts too. Nothing will be bought in."

The Woodlands will is reopening following a community campaign to see their local brought back to life.

Mark Vosloo, who heads up the community team in December last year, hoping to buy the Woodlands Tavern, said that its closure left them without an important social space.

Upon hearing the news of the pub's puchase, he said: "As a community we are very happy - we put a lot of effort into trying to buy the pub and had two offers rejected.

"Ultimately it wasn’t about us buying the pub, but saving the pub for the village and local community."

Mr Williams said that he hopes to move in at the start of next month.

"I get the keys at the beginning of August and we’re aiming to open around the second or third week of that month," he said.

"The community got their endgame I suppose. They just wanted their village pub to be back open.

"I grew up in Penhow, next village along, so it’s not as if I’m going into an area where I don’t know anyone.

"It’s nice to be going home."