PLANS have been drawn up for two drive-through restaurants, a petrol station and a warehouse - creating up to 275 new jobs - at an industrial estate in Chepstow.

Plans for full planning permission have been drawn up for a drive-through coffee shop, a drive-through restaurant, and a petrol station with shop at the Newhouse Industrial Estate adjacent to the M48.

Free Press Series: Coffee shop mock-up Picture: EG GroupCoffee shop mock-up Picture: EG Group

They are to be submitted by retail company EG Group following a pre-application consultation period.

EG Group work with food brands such as KFC, Burger King, Greggs and Subway, as well as petrol firms such as BP and Esso and coffee brands like Starbucks.

Free Press Series: Drive-thru restaurant mock-up Picture: EG GroupDrive-thru restaurant mock-up Picture: EG Group

An advert for restaurant staff at a future Newhouse site was posted by fast food giants KFC last March, so it seems likely that the fried chicken outlet will be housed at the restaurant drive-through.

Free Press Series: Shop mock-up Picture: EG GroupShop mock-up Picture: EG Group

However, this is yet to be confirmed.

The Newhouse site, upon which the three planned buildings are to be constructed, is currently vacant. It covers 4.67 hectares.

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The site is also bordered by the Wales Coast Path.

The proposed units will measure:

  • Petrol station and store - 480 sqm;
  • Restaurant drive-through - 305 sqm;
  • Coffee drive-through - 200 sqm.

Free Press Series: Picture: DBPRPicture: DBPR

The proposed development, EG Group say, would "contribute positively to local economic wellbeing" by providing in the region of 75 new jobs.

Car parking will be provided, with 75 bays, 10 per cent of which would have electric vehicle charging and disabled provision.

Free Press Series: How the site could be laid out Picture: EG GroupHow the site could be laid out Picture: EG Group

Mock-ups for the proposed buildings have been released, showing they would be single-storey and comprise a "modern design which will comprise a positive enhancement to the site and surrounding area".

They are also proposed to be open 24 hours a day.

There have also been plans drawn up to get outline planning permission for a 9,000 sqm warehouse at the Newhouse site - also from EG Group.

Free Press Series: Warehouse mock-up Picture: EG GroupWarehouse mock-up Picture: EG Group

The warehouse would occupy up to 9,043 sqm and be catered for by 125 car parking spaces.

The group say that, given the scale of the unit proposed, "it is envisaged that the proposed floorspace has the potential to provide 200 jobs".

Founded in 2001, the EG Group operates 666 sites across the UK - operated by 12,974 employees and serving 131 million customers annually.

The plans will be presented to Monmouthshire County Council after a pre-application consultation period - the deadline for comments during this period will be Monday, August 1.