THE South Wales Argus is looking for more inspirational women from across Gwent to add to our hall of fame for 2023.

International Women’s Day this year takes place on March 8 – this year encouraging people to "embrace equity".

International Women’s Day is a global event which celebrates the cultural, economic, political, and social achievements of women and encourages gender equity (being fair and impartial to all sexes).

This year’s theme is “embrace equity” with a focus on creating a “fair and equal world”.

We have many inspirational women living in Gwent – 100 of whom were included in our 2022 International Women’s Day celebrations with our first Gwent's Amazing Women event.

Free Press Series: We're celebrating Gwent's Amazing Women this yearWe're celebrating Gwent's Amazing Women this year (Image: Newsquest)

Women from all walks of life – including athletes, community champions, business owners, politicians and more – had their achievements highlighted in a series of articles culminating in a special event hosted at the University of South Wales’s Newport city campus.

Those 100 women are in place in our virtual hall of fame and for 2023 we want to celebrate an additional 20 women from the Gwent region who are an inspiration – whether they’ve supported charities, won awards, encouraged positive change. The sky is the limit.

Following this all 120 of these empowering women will be invited to  celebrate, socialise, and share their remarkable stories at a lunch-time event at the University of South Wales' Newport campus on Thursday, March 9.

South Wales Argus editor Gavin Thompson said: "The 100 women we celebrated last year were all inspiring in one way or another. We want to contine to celebrate them but also to share more stories of other amazing women.

"That's why we are keeping the original cohort in our hall of fame and looking to add 20 more names to join them.

"There are so many amazing women in the region and we'd love to hear your suggestions. They could be business leaders, community organisers, volunteers, carers, sports stars. They only criteria are that they are a woman, live or work in Gwent and that you find them inspiring or amazing." 

Do you know a woman whose made a big difference? Somebody who deserves recognition for her contributions locally or further afield?

It only takes a few minutes to nominate Gwent women for consideration – simply visit

Please note - nomination does not guarantee that the woman (or women) nominated will be included. 

Who are the 100 women included already?

In no order the women already included in the 100 are as follows:

  • Lauren Price
  • Christina Harrhy
  • Luvie Parkin
  • Pavinee Taruschio
  • Jo Barnes
  • Jan Vokes
  • Liz Johnson
  • Laura Emily Dunn
  • Gemma Walker
  • Aysia Bibi
  • Becky James
  • Natasha Baker
  • Brigitte Jarvis
  • Anne Wareham
  • Julia Rowe
  • Stephanie Stephens
  • Leah Van Staden
  • Sara Butler
  • Natasha Cockram
  • Lauren James
  • Samantha Sully
  • Androulla Webb
  • Eleanor Roberts
  • Clare Johnson
  • Rachel Williams
  • Sabrina Cresswell
  • Samantha Jones
  • Alexandria Riley
  • Danielle Webb
  • Ingrid Wilson
  • Loren Henry
  • Debbie Johnsey
  • Jasmine Ali
  • Juls Benson
  • Charlotte Harris
  • Emily Grimes
  • Nicky Marsh
  • Angharad Collins
  • Rosie Eccles
  • Sue Malson
  • Dame Rosemary Butler
  • Kate Humble
  • Jayne Bryant
  • Delyth Jewell
  • Mica Moore
  • Pam Kelly
  • Natasha Asghar
  • Georgine Titley
  • Sarah Davies
  • Jess Morden
  • Helen Tennant
  • Hayley Thomas
  • Gaynor Smith
  • Donna Dunn
  • Laura Tenison
  • Angela Jones
  • Lynne Neagle
  • Jane Mudd
  • Debbie Wilcox
  • Hannah Williams
  • Alison Tod
  • Rhian Hutchings
  • Janet Martin
  • Emma Saysell
  • Hayley Parsons
  • Kelli Apsland
  • Laura Waters
  • Beth Sims
  • Laura Anne Jones
  • Vanessa Ruck
  • Rhiannon Passmore
  • Philippa Marsden
  • Ceri Doyle
  • Bev Owen
  • Dawn Gunter
  • Alexandra Dodds
  • Dee Hardwicke
  • Caroline Thompson
  • Ruth Jones
  • Carol Mutlow
  • Chiari Manship
  • Lauren Williams
  • Alexandra Jones
  • Annra Rainsbury
  • Julia Gregson
  • Elizabeth Murray
  • Sam Dabb
  • Tracy Stafford
  • Louise Worall
  • Sian Lewis-Evans
  • Kris Wise
  • Cerys Hale
  • Jane Carpanini
  • Cllr Sara Jones
  • Jane Grayer
  • Jill Manley
  • Cory McKenna
  • Gaynor James
  • Ann Barton
  • Sarah Croft