A POPULAR hotel and spa in Monmouthshire says it has become "unviable" due to the increase in food and energy costs.

The Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel and Spa is located near Newbridge on Usk.

In a post on social media, the owners said that a search for a new owner has begun.

"Like many businesses recently, the Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel & Spa has faced challenging economic conditions including unsustainable food and energy cost increases," the post reads.

"This has made the business sadly unviable.

"While seeking a buyer, we will continue to operate under license, managed by Lester Hotels Management Services Ltd."

Those with existing bookings at the hotel were reassured that these will be honoured.

"During this time we will remain open and we would like to assure our customers that the hotel will operate our usual during this transitional period," the post says.

"Please continue to support us.

"We are personally contacting anyone with future bookings, but please feel free to call us if we haven't managed to reach you personally.

"We appreciate that this will create uncertainty particularly if you have a wedding booked with us but we can only assure you of our continued commitment to help you celebrate your big day in style at the Cwrt.

"Whilst we can't speak on behalf of any future owners, we hope that the long-held affection we have in the local community will enable us to continue to welcome guests long after a new buyer is found."