AN EXPORTS company in Monmouthshire is celebrating a £2 million cash turnover after overcoming "incredibly challenging" obstacles during the Brexit process.

Milking Solutions, based in Monmouth, provide milking equipment and spare parts to an international customer base and a range of products needed to run a milking parlour.

Company CEO Kevin Graham said he arrived in the town 35 years ago "with nothing”. Now, the company employs 15 people and exports to more than 35 countries worldwide.

Asked about the challenges they have faced in that time, he points to the transition around the UK leaving the European Union, when two-thirds of their customers were based in the bloc.

“During Brexit, the message from the Conservative government to export businesses was to go find new business outside the EU,” he said.

“It was going to be impossible to swap the level of EU business with new businesses elsewhere and it was an incredibly challenging and stressful time for us.”

The Monmouth business has found further challenges in the state of world affairs since - particularly the Covid pandemic and war in Ukraine.

The company’s most substantial order to date has been re-routed to circumnavigate the the African continent due to the Red Sea crisis in the Middle East.

Free Press Series: Mr Graham told Labour's candidate for Monmouth, Catherine Fookes, that Brexit had been 'incredibly challenging'Mr Graham told Labour's candidate for Monmouth, Catherine Fookes, that Brexit had been 'incredibly challenging' (Image: Supplied)

Mr Graham continued: “I have employed some great people who have built the business up from the ground in Monmouth, where I love to live. Progress was good until Brexit.

“The challenges we faced importing and exporting through the Tories’ fighting and wrangling over the Brexit deal was the worst thing that could have happened to us.

“We are lucky that we are now financially sound, but many other businesses are facing huge energy bills and costly outgoings due to inflation."

Cllr Catherine Fookes, Welsh Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Monmouth, spoke with Mr Graham this week.

She said: “I had a fascinating tour of this successful family-run business and learned how Kevin has built it up over twenty years.

"Despite facing numerous challenges, including the disastrous Brexit deal, pandemic, and current issues around shipping in the Red Sea, he and his team have managed to steer the business towards success.

“It was great to talk about how the Labour Party can help businesses like Kevin’s in the future with our focus on economic growth, giving Britain energy security and reducing trade barriers with the EU."

A Conservative spokesperson said: "Unshackling our country from the EU has led to many benefits, including allowing our country to have one of the fastest vaccination rollouts in the world and opening up new markets for British businesses to export their goods and services.

"Unfortunately, Welsh businesses continue to be hard hit by the disastrous policies being rolled out by the Welsh Labour Government - the slashing of business rates relief, the 20mph default speed limit, and the axing of all new roads are damaging businesses and discouraging others from moving here.

"They need to stop wasting time and finally use the levels at their disposal to support Welsh businesses."