A WOMAN who started her beauty business from her kitchen has opened a salon in Old Cwmbran.

As her number of customers grew, Abbi Knight rented a room upstairs in a hair salon.

Her business continued to grow and she's now opened the doors to her salon, called Abigail Hannah in Victoria Street.

She said: "This came up and it was really sort of spur of the moment.

"I had a little browse, you know, through what was available. And when I saw this something drew me to it. I was like, yes, this is the one, we're going to go for it. And here we are.

"It's been a challenge. We've had eight weeks to turn it around, but we've done it. We're here.

"So we offer a range of make-up, lashes, everything to do with your brows, keeping it on the face and bridal make-up as well. Bridals are really popular ones with us.

"It just doesn't feel real. I've been self-employed now for a couple of years and do you know what, I love it. I love the freedom and being able to do what I want to do and what works for me."