New research shows care homes are moving away from petty cash to more digital solutions.

Recent figures from expense management specialists Expend reveal a more than 125 per cent rise in uptake of digital expense management in care homes within the past year.

CEO Johnny Vowles said the care home sector is "accelerating toward the adoption of digital expense management, signalling the demise of traditional petty cash."

Once the norm for daily expenses, petty cash has proven 'cumbersome' and prone to loss, theft, and a lack of accountability.

For overburdened care home managers, digital solutions automate repetitive tasks, saving valuable time for quality care provision.

Mr Vowles added: "Care home teams are recognising that digital solutions automate repetitive tasks."

Digital tools modernise expense management, proving particularly beneficial in the complex environment of care homes.

Prepaid cards and apps offer a secure and controlled method for handling daily expenses.

Mr Vowles said: "Care home managers are embracing digital expense management at an unprecedented pace."