A SUBWAY sandwich shop will move its extraction equipment after residential neighbours complained about the “whining” noise and “stench of fillings cooking”. 

Residents living in Larkfield Park, Chepstow complained as long ago as 2021 that they could no longer spend time in their gardens due to the noise and smells from the refrigeration and air conditioning condensers and extraction grille at the back of the unit at the Larkfield Business Estate that houses the Subway outlet. 

The international chain’s branch is located on the estate that serves commuters passing along the busy A48 at Newport Road

A planning application was made to Monmouthshire County Council in April 2021 to retain three condenser units and an extraction grille at the back of the unit, but following discussions with the council, it was agreed to relocate them to the front of the unit so they are integrated into a new shop front. 

Larkfield Park resident David Yau outlined his objections to the initial plans in verse to the council. 

He wrote: “Yet another summer approaches. The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, the condensers are throbbing and the aircon is whining.

“The perfume from the roses, the scent of freshly cut grass, the pong of Subs baking, and the stench of sandwich fillings cooking.” 

He asked when the firm and council would “sort out the disruption caused by Subway’s operations”.

The planning department described his comments as “neither objecting to or supporting” the application. 

Other neighbours also raised concerns about the original proposals with Patricia Fernon stating they were “too close” the residential properties.

She said: “The noise and obnoxious odours produced throughout the day make spending any time in the garden an unpleasant experience. The unit noise is also audible throughout the night.  

“Overall, the units have had a significant detrimental impact on enjoyment of outdoor space.” 

Chepstow Town Council had objected to the original application to retain the condenser units as it said they were “causing offensive smells and noise, impacting on the wellbeing of neighbouring properties” but has supported the revised application. 

In June 2021 Monmouthshire council’s environmental health department it was still receiving complaints “regarding noise and odour from the ongoing use of the extraction units” but it hadn’t objected to the revised plans that means the equipment will face the petrol station forecourt and set behind aluminium panels. 

The council has approved the application and has also made a planning condition that the existing condenser units are removed within five months.