A WOMAN is facing 15 charges after over 80 dogs were seized and 11 killed in a Monmouthshire animal sanctuary raid.

A warrant was executed on August 15 at Lost Souls, an animal sanctuary in Rogiet, after complaints were made about the business which included evidence of alleged neglect and a criminal investigation was launched.

Authorised officers exercised their rights under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

At the sanctuary a "significant number of dogs were found to be suffering", according to council officers.

The council took 82 dogs into their possession and 11 dogs were put to sleep after being assessed in relation to their welfare.

Owner Anne Lewis, of Caldicot, is now set to appear in front of Cwmbran Magistrates on April 25.

Lewis is facing 14 counts of cause unnecessary suffering to an animal and one charge of duty of person responsible for animal to ensure welfare.

Free Press Series: Luba was a dog belonging to the sanctuaryLuba was a dog belonging to the sanctuary (Image: Lost Souls Animal Sanctuary)

News about the raid at the sanctuary emerged online, leaving the dog rescue community "shocked and horrified."

Members of the public took part in a peaceful protest outside the Senedd in Cardiff on September 21 against the "brutal" actions used by the council.

In December 2023 Jayne Watts from One Dog at a Time Rescue, who had a dog at the site, held a memorial to remember the 11 dogs killed in the raid.

At the time Ms Watts told the Argus: “We still have not heard any anything of the condition and whereabouts of our two boys along with the other 69 that were taken.

“Monmouthshire County Council refuse to even give us the minimum of an update, we don’t know if they are dead or alive.”

Free Press Series: Memorial for the dogs put to sleepMemorial for the dogs put to sleep (Image: Jayne Watts)

In response a Monmouthshire County Council spokesperson said: “Our team has been working to rehome all dogs.

“We are currently working with rescue organisations that can support all dogs throughout their lifetime. Before any are rehomed, the rescue organisations will undertake behavioural assessments of the dogs and will undertake home checks.

“This will ensure all dogs are placed in suitable homes. Due to the ongoing process, no further comments will be made at this stage.”