A Monmouthshire author will be releasing the second book in a thriller series later this month.

Ruth Searle takes readers on an exhilarating journey about a surgeon framed for murdering his own patients.

Titled 'Twisted Obsession', the book is due to be available for crime/thriller aficionados on April 28.

The sequel to 'No Place to Hide' sees Daniel Kendrick fight to clear his name.

Daniel, who recently returned to work after a stint in prison for homicide, is now targeted by a sadistic serial killer.

As he uncovers a spine-chilling illegal underworld of human body trafficking, Daniel must race against time to unmask the real killer before everything he cherishes is ripped from him.

Free Press Series: The crime thriller will be released later this monthThe crime thriller will be released later this month (Image: Troubador)

Ms Searle said: "This is the second in a series featuring surgeon, Daniel Kendrick.

"It is a stand-alone thriller but follows the story of Daniel and his wife, Fay, as they cope with the grief of losing their murdered daughter, Sophie."

The gripping series is rooted in the author's personal experiences of seeing life and death when working as a nurse.

Having spent years in nursing before becoming a marine biologist, Searle now happily dedicates her time to writing thrillers.

She said: "I’m sure my experiences as a nurse, where I saw a lot of life and death, has had a lasting impact on my writing and I definitely have a dark, macabre side! "

Her characters constantly face daunting challenges.

"Especially poor Daniel!" she quipped.

'Twisted Obsession' will be sold at £9.99.