Lovell has partnered with Community Housing Cymru (CHC) to bring affordable homes to South Wales.

Lovell, a leading partnership developer, has been involved in the building industry in South Wales for more than four decades with a notable initial development with Carmarthenshire Council.

With a mission to be the authoritative voice of housing associations in Wales, CHC provides a platform for 34 not-for-profit associations, supplying almost 165,000 homes within Wales, creating a crucial network that works to secure stable and ample funding.

CHC also serves as a crucial meeting hub to collectively tackle industry challenges.

As part of the partnership, Lovell will provide support and resources to CHC’s members, particularly on intricate regeneration projects.

This partnership will also give Lovell the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships with registered social landlords (RSLs) and local authorities, as well as forge new connections.

Gemma Clissett, regional partnerships director at Lovell, emphasised on the dominating role collaborations play in Lovell’s growth strategy.

She stated: "Partnership working is at the heart of what we do at Lovell, it’s part of our DNA, so this partnership is very important to us."

Ms Clissett also stressed Lovell’s passion towards providing high quality homes and support to local communities, envisioning homes that integrate well into sustainable ecosystems where people can "live, work and thrive."

Stuart Ropke, CEO of CHC, also expressed his satisfaction at this upcoming venture, saying: "We are thrilled to welcome Lovell Partnerships to our family of commercial partners."

He hails Lovell’s experience and commitment to excellence, acknowledging that their expertise aligns perfectly with CHC’s mission of creating sustainable communities and delivering excellent housing solutions.

He expressed optimism about the potential impact of this cooperative endeavour on the housing sector, saying: "Their commitment to excellence and innovation aligns perfectly with our mission to create sustainable communities and support the sector to deliver exceptional housing solutions.

With over half a century of building experience, Lovell has built its reputation as a leading provider of partnership housing.

To learn more about Lovell and the various services they provide, you can visit their website.

Similarly, to gain more insight into CHC and their work, visit their website.