Members of a Newport '100 club' are gearing up to take on the ABP Newport Marathon Festival.

The members of the Run 4 Wales Newport 100 Club gathered for a training session and Q&A to prepare for the marathon festival, which will take place on Sunday, April 28.

This occasion presented a valuable opportunity for the club members to interact with each other, gain answers to their concerns about the race, and run a significant distance in anticipation of the main event.

The runners spent the day covering one of three leg stretches around the Gwent Levels and had a chance to meet some of the event's pacers and backmarkers.

Refreshments were enjoyed on their return.

Run 4 Wales race director and former Olympic marathoner, Steve Brace, shared some crucial advice and tips, along with a running panel, to help the club feel prepared for race day.

Run 4 Wales extended its 100 Club initiative to Newport after seeing the positive effect it brought to people’s health and well-being when first carried out at the Principality Cardiff Half in 2015.

As the name implies, 100 free half marathon and 10K spaces were extended to Newport's residents, community groups, and organisations, who were urged to nominate those who could profit from being part of the initiative.

Looking at this year’s club, different individuals have joined the club for different reasons, for better physical and mental health or a chance to engage more actively with their community.

Among them are a few who are associated with the Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service.

Some members are from the sports programme of Newport Live, intentionally designed to engage young people in interactive games and activities like football.

The club also welcomed mothers who run together as it gives them a defined training objective and the Torfaen County Council backed If You Go I Go scheme.

Megan Parker, who runs the programme, said: "If You Go I Go helps remove practical barriers and works to change how women feel and think about exercise and sport.

"It’s been really popular and we try and find ways to help them remain active when the programme finishes.

"The 100 Club is great for this as a lot of women who have entered the scheme have kept running."

34-year-old Richard Davies from Blackwood, found the club influential in curbing his drinking habit.

He said: " I was drinking too much, my mental health was suffering and knew I needed to change.

"I’m a better person when I run – it’s the best gift I can give myself.

"Running has been a life changer."

Echoing similar sentiments, Steve Brace, said: "It was fantastic to see so many people come to our 100 Club training event and engage with each other and show an interest in running."

The 100 Club runners are ready to participate in the ABP Newport Marathon Festival on Sunday, April 28.