Julian Clary will be in Cardiff as part of his UK tour.

Clary, best known as a celebrated and openly gay comedian and writer, is set to embark on a new 2024 UK tour named 'A Fistful of Clary'. The tour will include 46 shows across the country, running from the 10th of April to the 14th of June 2024.

One of these performance is scheduled to be held at the New Theatre, Cardiff on Tuesday, May 28.

The comedian, who was recently seen on the 16th season of Channel 4's Taskmaster, describes the expected ambiance of every show as a unique and evolving experience.

"'A tiny spontaneous idea one night can become a twenty-minute routine after a few shows," he said.

His newest tour promises a distinct Western theme that Clary envisions will provide plenty of material for his characteristic camp humour.

Clary is known for his practice of bringing audience members onto stage, and this tour will not differ.

He'll create a fresh narrative called 'The Magnificent Seven Inches' and select a few unassuming spectators to form his 'posse'. He mentioned having "a psychic ability to pick the right people 99 per cent of the time."

Fans of Clary's flamboyant costume choices can also likely expect him to continue his tradition, with hints about slipping into a pair of chaps but careful not to reveal too much.

Hugh Durrant, designer of all Clary's panto attire, was hinted at being heavily involved again.

Clary showed excitement for his return to London Palladium, his 'spiritual pantomime home', where he has starred for eight consecutive seasons.

"I feel truly blessed. As soon as I walk through the stage door of the Palladium I feel overcome with happiness," he explained.

Reflecting back on 2023, Clary described Taskmaster as one of the most enjoyable television shows he's been on, and also enjoyed the experience of being on ITV's The Masked Singer, where the challenge of maintaining secrecy added to the fun.

Besides returning to stand-up in 2024, Clary plans to continue touring with 'Jesus Christ Superstar', promote a re-issue of his children's books 'The Bolds', and release an adult novel, 'Curtain Call to Murder', in October.