A Welsh poet and writer will be the focus of a special performance in New York.

The specially-commissioned one-act play Dear Mr Thomas: A New Play For Voices, was created by Christopher Monger.

Mr Monger is the Welsh writer notable for The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain.

Dear Mr Thomas will be premiered at 92nd Street Y on May 14, 2024.

The cast will feature Emmy Award-winning actor Matthew Rhys, his partner and co-star from The Americans, Keri Russell, and Kate Burton, the daughter of actor Richard Burton.

The play is timely as there is a surge in curiosity about Dylan Thomas, brought to light by Taylor Swift referencing him in her latest album The Tortured Poets Department.

The 92NY is a significant location for this special performance as it celebrates its 150th anniversary.

Interestingly, Dylan Thomas' acclaimed play Under Milk Wood was first performed at the same venue on May 14, 1953.

This historical moment has influenced the annual international celebration of the poet on the same date.

Dear Mr Thomas delves into the captivating backstory of Dylan Thomas during the creation of Under Milk Wood.

The narrative explores how a letter he received earlier from John Malcolm Brinnin, the 92nd Street Y’s poetry centre director, was crucial in shaping his life and work.

The play provides an intimate glimpse of the iconic poet striving to stay committed to his craft amidst the chaos surrounding him - his wife, Caitlin, and Brinnin, who orchestrated his journey to New York.

Mr Monger said: "John Malcolm Brinnin and 92NY were instrumental in introducing Dylan Thomas to America and crucial to the development of Under Milk Wood.

"Between 1950 and Dylan’s death in 1953, Brinnin organised four American tours for Dylan that cost both of them dearly.

"They greatly respected each other but ultimately one has to wonder at what cost.

"This play for voices is both my homage to Under Milk Wood and those involved, and an attempt to imagine the chaos of Dylan’s final years as John Malcolm Brinnin endeavoured to help Dylan and his family."

Matthew Rhys is celebrated for several performances in television and film, including an Emmy Award-winning performance in The Americans.

Keri Russell, best known for her roles in television series and films like The Diplomat, The Americans, and Felicity, will also be sharing the stage.

The name that brings another layer of significance to this performance is Kate Burton.

Her father Richard Burton brought Under Milk Wood to much acclaim on BBC Radio in 1954 and starred in its 1972 film adaptation.

The cast also includes Lorna Bennett, Gopal Divan, Taylor Trensch, and Betsy Zajkc.

Resonating within the rich legacy of Dylan Thomas, whose centenary was celebrated internationally in 2014, Dear Mr Thomas promises to bring to life the language and landscapes that inspired one of Wales’ greatest storytellers.