Bristol Airport has experienced a groundbreaking first in terms of passenger numbers.

The airport achieved a record 10 million passengers travelling through its terminal within a consecutive 12-month period for the first time.

To commemorate this significant achievement, the airport held a special celebration, randomly selecting ten fortunate customers who were given return airline tickets, food and retail vouchers as well as other gifts.

The airport currently provides a bridge to more than 120 direct locations across 31 countries. It also offers daily hub services to key cities such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dublin, and Paris, opening up accessibility to global destinations.

In line with its rapid growth, Bristol Airport has started a remarkable transformation plan, fuelled by an investment of £400 million. This comprehensive program, scheduled to span across the next five years, will feature numerous projects aimed to significantly enhance the airport’s facilities and services. 

These developments include setting up new state-of-the-art security screening equipment, refurbishing the Air Traffic Control Tower, upgrading the terminal, and improving retail and food services.

The transformation plan also incorporates the creation of two new executive lounges. One of these lounges is expected to begin operation from December 2024. Moreover, the airport aims to add or improve 38 catering and retail outlets, escalating the range of services available for customers within the airport.

In progress is a vital £60 million public transport interchange and a multi-storey car park project, predicted to launch in summer 2025. The investment aims to increase the capacity of the public transport interchange, amplify the internal road system, and set up an additional multi-storey car park. The airport will be offering advanced facilities such as waiting areas and rest facilities as part of the project.

Dave Lees, CEO, Bristol Airport, said: “It is exciting to mark these milestones with customers and colleagues as they demonstrate how much progress has been made on our transformation programme. 

"Hopefully this gives our customers an appreciation of how soon they will be able to start making use of these new state-of-the-art facilities.

"Over £400m is being invested in the airport facilities which will be transformational, not just in terms of the buildings being created, but the experience we will be able to deliver to customers, airlines and business partners."

Planning to serve 12 million passengers annually, the airport’s transformation plan is expected to create thousands of new jobs in coming years, foster additional direct air links and contribute to regional tourism.