The most popular baby names in Wales in 2022 have been revealed.

Yet again, the top spot for girls was claimed by the name 'Olivia', and 'Noah' continued its reign on the boys' chart.

In Wales, there were 145 baby girls named Olivia in 2022, and 264 boys named Noah.

James Tucker from the ONS said: "Noah was the most popular name for boys in 2022, for the second year in a row, having replaced Oliver at the top in 2021.

"Oliver has now slipped to fourth most popular boys’ name, behind Muhammad and George.

"Olivia remained the most popular girls name in 2022, having held the top spot since 2016.

"In second and third place for the girls it’s Amelia and Isla, both unchanged from 2021."

The second most popular baby name for girls was Isla, which had risen by one spot since last year.

Amelia, as the third most popular girls' name, slipped one position down in comparison to 2021.

Lily and Elsie, completing the top five, had notably risen by five and seven ranks respectively.

Making up the top 10 for girls names in Wales are Ava, Ivy, Millie, Freya and Ella. Of those names, Ivy and Freya slipped down one and five places respectively.

A significant jump was observed in the name 'Mali'. This name of Welsh origin had leapt 28 places from 2021 to claim the 15th spot in the girls' chart in 2022. Seren and Eira also make the top 50 of the names of Welsh origin.

Turning our attention to the boys' list, the names taking up spots two to five were Theo, Oliver, Arthur, and Luca.

Arthur, a traditional Welsh name, had slipped one rank compared to last year.

Theo, which was the second most popular name in Wales, was found in 10th place in the England chart.

A substantial rise was noted in the popularity of the name 'Luca', which climbed 20 positions from the previous year.

Rounding out the top 10 for boys names in Wales are Oscar, George, Archie, Freddie and Leo. Of these, only Archie and Leo saw a drop in rank, with a one place drop for Archie, and a five place drop for Leo.

Osian and Elis, names of traditional Welsh origin, were also among the most beloved boys' names in Wales.

Osian had climbed five places and was at the 11th spot, and Harri and Jac were noted among the top 30 for boys.

He also commented on the new entries in the top ten, saying: "There are three new entries into the top ten of boys’ names in 2022; Theodore, Theo and Freddie.

"Isabella is the only new entry into the girls’ top ten."

Indeed, The popularity of baby names in Wales retains its unique character with several Welsh origin names holding steady in the rankings.

Among the girls' top 50, names of Welsh origin like Mali, Seren, and Eira were prominent.

For boys, Arthur, Osian, Elis, Harri, and Jac were among the top 30, keeping a strong Welsh spirit alive in the younger generation.