Voters have slammed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after he asked constituents during a visit to south Wales whether they were looking forward to Euro 2024 despite Wales already being eliminated. 

After months of speculation, Mr Sunak on Wednesday (May 22) announced there would be a general election on July 4, 2024.

The Prime Minister has already hit the campaign trail with one of his first stops being a visit to South Wales.

Mr Sunak arrived in South Wales at around midday on Thursday (May 23) and headed straight to the Vale of Glamorgan Brewery in Barry.

Free Press Series: Prime Minister has called a general election for July 4, 2024.Prime Minister has called a general election for July 4, 2024. (Image: Stefan Rousseau/PA)

He took a tour of the brewery with Wales Secretary David TC Davies and Vale of Glamorgan MP Alun Cairns while also meeting staff and discussing the Conservative Party's support for the sector.

Voters slam Rishi Sunak after Wales Euro 2024 blunder

While at the brewery Mr Sunak asked workers if they were looking forward to the upcoming 2024 UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2024) tournament.

One worker was quick to point out that Wales missed qualification for Euro 2024 after losing the play-off final on penalties to Poland in Cardiff back in March.

Social media was quick to pick up on Mr Sunak's blunder with voters taking to platform's like X (formerly Twitter) to slam the Prime Minister for being unaware of Wales' early exit from Euro 2024.

One person, commenting on a post on X, said: "It’s day one and he’s made about 5 mistakes."

Another, using an Alan Partridge gif, commented: "Uh-oh, he's trying to human again. This never ends well."

A third person added: "It's day one and his team must already be thinking up ways to keep him away from people."

While another user on X said: "What a fake ! At least Starmer actually knows and goes to football!"

But not everyone saw Mr Sunak's comments as a slip up.


One person said: "You can still look forward to all of the football, even if your team didn’t qualify.

"I’m looking forward to it, I’m Welsh and just as disappointed not to be there. But it’s still a good tournament.

"So Rishi, you’ve not slipped up."

While another added: "Be fair, they're gonna lap up England's mortifying quarter final exit."