A Monmouthshire medieval castle has been brought up to date.

Abergavenny Castle and accompanying Regency Museum have been modernised with a series of features aimed at reducing their carbon footprint.

Modern heating technology has been introduced to the historic building, making it more comfortable during the cold winter months while also helping in the battle against climate change.

The updates, funded by the Welsh Government Capital Transformation Grant, include the installation of solar panels, thermal blinds, and secondary glazing.

These measures, aimed at retaining heat and keeping out the cold, are expected to not only enhance visitor experience but also protect the historic building.

The update also extends to supporting businesses in the area.

Abergavenny’s Green Park Renewables installed the solar panels and Jaybee Furnishings provided the thermal blinds.

Monmouthshire County Council’s cabinet member for equalities and engagement, Cllr Angela Sandles, said: "Museums and heritage sites have a role to play in environmental sustainability and contributing to energy saving costs.

"It is encouraging to see measures being taken to ensure sites like Abergavenny Museum and Castle utilise the most up-to-date technology to enable people to learn about the past in the best possible way for the future."