A Pembrokeshire zoo has made history with the birth of a tiger cub.

Manor Wildlife Park has announced the arrival of a Sumatran tiger cub, Zaza, the first tiger cub to be born in a Welsh zoo.

Zaza was born on May 25 and has been described as a symbol of hope in global efforts to conserve this critically endangered species.

Not only does Zaza's birth represent a significant achievement for Manor Wildlife Park, but it also highlights the progress being made in wildlife conservation in Wales.

Zaza has been exploring her surroundings with mum TerimaZaza has been exploring her surroundings with mum Terima (Image: Manor Wildlife Park)

The Sumatran tiger is amongst the world's most endangered subspecies, facing serious threats from habitat loss and poaching.

Rick Newton, animal manager at Manor Wildlife Park in Tenby, demonstrated his pride in the efforts of his team.

He said: "We are overjoyed to welcome Zaza to our family.

"This birth is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team, who have worked tirelessly to create an environment where these magnificent animals can thrive.

The birth of Zaza is a 'beacon of hope' for the conservation of Sumatran tigers according to the park's keepersThe birth of Zaza is a 'beacon of hope' for the conservation of Sumatran tigers according to the park's keepers (Image: Manor Wildlife Park)

"Zaza's arrival is a beacon of hope for the conservation of Sumatran tigers, and we are committed to ensuring she grows up healthy and strong."

Following her birth, Zaza has been closely monitored by veterinary and animal care teams to ensure the cub and her mother, Terima, were in optimal health.

Visitors who come to Manor Wildlife Park during regular park hours may now have the chance to see Zaza as she begins her adventures exploring her surroundings.

This new arrival is a testament to Manor Wildlife Park's dedicated conservation programme, which focuses on supporting efforts to preserve endangered species via breeding initiatives, habitat conservation, and public education.

The birth of Zaza serves as a reminder of the impact diligent conservation work can have on safeguarding our planet's endangered species.