CHAYA Powell is back at school after recovering from horrific injuries she suffered during a dog attack.

The Chepstow four-year-old suffered severe facial injuries when the husky, belonging to her mother's former stepfather, attacked her in her home on November 16.

Last week, she returned to Thornwell Primary School after recovering quicker than expected - but a deep cut between her eyes is likely to scar permanently.

Chaya also suffered a ripped eyelid, damaged lip and tear-duct and severe scratches to her face when the dog, Storm, attacked her.

She required specialist facial surgery to re-align her eyelid and 12 stitches to her wounds.

After tests revealed her eyesight had not been affected by the attack, Chaya returned to school after two-and-half weeks rather than four as doctors predicted.

But her mother, Sian James, 29, said she needs to see a psychologist to address the fear of animals she has developed as a result of the incident and has been having trouble sleeping as she keeps thinking about the dog.

Ms James thanked her family and friends for their help during Chaya's recovery and said: "She loves being back at school."

Storm is no longer in the Chepstow area.