A MAN originally from New Inn, who had a stint of work experience at the Free Press in 1987, has had his quirky novel published. Windsor Holden, 41, a Research Director for Juniper Research wrote his book Elvis Lives on Planet Football in his spare time.

Mr Holden, whose parents still live in New Inn, attended Greenlawn School before moving on to Monmouth School.

His book features two twenty-somethings, inspired by Mr Holden's time at university, who encounter an elderly drunk who swears he has just met Elvis Presley outside Elland Road.

Mr Holden, a Liverpool FC fan himself, says the book draws heavily on his own experiences. He said: "In Pontypool and Ebbw Vale in the late 70s, almost all the kids were Liverpool, Forest or Man United fans. "Primarily because they were the most successful teams, but also because when you're eight-years-old, you have no concept of where these teams actually play. Liverpool could have been as close as Cardiff for all I knew.

"I played a few games for New Inn Under 11s back in the day, but the level of my ability can be measured by the fact that I would normally come on as a substitute before being subbed myself about ten minutes later.

"Despite the fact that the book is about footie, I became more of a rugby fan in my teens. At least then the local team was the best in the country. "Happy memories of standing on the bank at Pontypool park, particularly in the golden season of 87-88 when Dai Bishop and Mark Ring were the half backs and we only lost two games all season."

Mr Holden's book is based in the suburbs of Leeds after living in the area for seven years. The men get caught up in a tale of peculiar characters trying to shake their previous identities, one of whom is aptly named Ellis Pressdee.

Being pursued by a government agency, they wind up in a bizarre karaoke competition at Elland Road Social Club.