BBC news presenter Clive Myrie has opened up about his personal life, discussing the reason why he didn’t have children with his wife Catherine.

The couple have been married for 25 years after first meeting at a book launch in 1992.

Together they have travelled the world as Myrie has reported on some of the biggest global stories since joining the broadcaster as a trainee local radio reporter in 1987.

The 59-year-old has reported from “harrowing situations” over the years but has most recently covered the ongoing war live from Ukraine.

Before this, Myrie found himself among “overwhelmed” hospital wards at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting on his emotions from being in such situations, he explained to The Times: “Every now and again, usually triggered by an extreme example of pain and suffering that I witness on the TV or in a film, or while reporting, I will get intensely emotional and it lasts for a few seconds.

“My eyes will well up with tears and I will weep, and then as suddenly as it starts, it stops.”

Clive Myrie reveals why he didn’t have children with his wife Catherine

He went on to say that the danger of doing the job as a journalist wasn’t a “factor” behind not having children with Catherine who is now a furniture restorer and upholsterer.

The BBC Mastermind host said: “No. We were trying for a child, nothing seemed to be happening, and then we ended up moving and realised that it would be quite unfair, because we just love travelling so much.”

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Myrie added: “We gradually decided it wasn’t really right for us. We come from such big families [Catherine is one of five siblings], our get-togethers are always huge.”

Speaking on whether he “regrets” the decision, he added: “Not at all. We’ve led a full and happy life, and we dote on our nephews and nieces.”

Clive Myrie’s book, Everything Is Everything: A Memoir Of Love, Hate And Hope is out now.