Viewers of ITV's Britain's Got Talent (BGT) have all shared the same complaints just moments into the latest episode.

The latest round of auditions saw comedians, K-Pop groups, singers, dancers, and some stunt acts take to the stage.

Despite impressing the judges and the audience, many viewers at home did not seem impressed by the latest round of acts. 

As moments into the show, many took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to all share the same complaint. 

BGT share same complaint moments into ITV show 

Some viewers were not happy that some of the show's acts were not British, including an Italian ventriloquist and a boy band from South Korea.

One viewer said: "3 acts so far and 66% foreign. What f**n s**t this programme is #bgt."

Another added: "They just raid every other GT show around the world for "auditions" and fill in the gaps with the seaside sideshow acts from the UK."

One more viewer said: "Just like that the first act on #BGT is not ******* British. Turing it off."

However, not everyone felt the same, as one BGT viewer said: "Oooh, I bet the, “The world’s got talent “ mob are spinning now!!"


Britain's Got Talent: full list of winners from ITV show

What does the winner of BGT get?

Through the years there have been 16 winners of BGT, from comedian Viggo Ven to dog act Ashleigh and Pudsey and dance group Diversity.

This year the winner of BGT will take home a prize of £250,000 and they are given the chance to perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of the royal family.

In the ITV show's first three years, winners won a prize of £100,000 while the biggest winners were Ashleigh and Pudsey with a prize pot of £500,000 in 2012.