Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page has said she still hasn't seen the script for the show's finale.

Gavin and Stacey began on BBC Three back in 2007, running for three series as well as two Christmas specials, the latest of which aired in 2019.

The 2019 Christmas special ended on a cliff-hanger with Nessa (Ruth Jones) proposing to Smithy (James Corden).

Fans of the show have been waiting more than four years for another episode to see what happens.

Earlier this year they received the news they had been waiting for.

Writers of the hit BBC show Corden and Jones revealed Gavin and Stacey would be returning for one final episode which will air on Christmas Day in 2024.

Taking to Instagram, the duo posted a picture of themselves holding a Gavin and Stacey script and said: "Some news... it's official! We have finished writing the last ever episode of Gavin and Stacey. See you on Christmas Day, BBC One. Love Ruth and James."

Joanna Page "can't wait to see what's happened" having still not seen finale script

The script and what will happen in the finale has remained a well-kept secret since the reveal earlier this year.

So much so, even the lead characters are yet to see what happens.

Joanna Page plays Stacey on the hit BBC show and speaking on BBC Breakfast she said: "I don't know anything.

"I'm the same as everyone else back home... I can't wait to find out what's happened.

"I just hope, because I’ve not seen anything, that I haven’t signed on to be running around on Barry beach in a bikini."

The 2024 finale is set to bring numerous plot threads to an end, including whether Smithy accepts Nessa's proposal.

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Page, 47, recalled reading about the proposal for the first time all those years ago and like everyone else said "that can't be the end".

She said: "I remember all those years ago reading the script for the last special.

"I was doing it on my phone, and I got to the end and it says ‘Nessa goes down on one knee and says will you marry me?’

"I remember scrolling and going 'what, what? That can’t be the end! That can’t be the end! What does he say, what does he say?’

"So, I’m the same as everybody – what happens?"

"It’s going to be so funny getting us all together again and just seeing what we’re all like, because we have – we’ve all just grown up."

Ahead of the finale, Page reflected on her time playing Stacey.


She said: "When I read it, I thought it was just so well written and it made me laugh.

"But when I read the part all those years ago, I thought, 'oh my gosh, nobody else can play this – this is me, this is my family'. She’s so close to me that I feel very happy playing Stacey."

The Gavin and Stacey finale will air on BBC on Christmas Day 2024.