THREE Football Association of Wales council members have been suspended in the past 10 months following allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

The allegations include misogyny and sexism, breaching confidence and mocking political correctness publicly.

Former FAW president Phil Pritchard is among two councillors still serving a suspension, while a third man has resumed his role.

The findings by the Newyddion S4C programme come in the wake of an independent review being set up to investigate allegations of sexism and discrimination against the Welsh Rugby Union, which led to the departure of chief executive Steve Phillips in January.

An FAW statement read: “Whilst we cannot comment on individual cases, the Football Association of Wales takes all disciplinary matters extremely seriously in relation to council members.

“We have processes and procedures set out within our rules and regulations, which govern how such matters must be dealt with.

“The FAW does not tolerate any breaches of these rules and regulations and takes a robust approach in pursuing appropriate sanctions.

“Depending on the nature of the alleged offence, it is either dealt with by an internal disciplinary procedure, or for more serious matters by an independent arbitration panel.”

Pritchard told Newyddion he denied making sexist remarks at a pre-match dinner, saying he pleaded guilty because paying for representation at the independent tribunal “would have cost £12,000 in legal costs”.

He was reported as saying: “There were witnesses within one foot (of me) on my table who said it didn’t happen.

“The only reason I said I did it was because it would have cost me a lot otherwise.”

Life councillor Ron Bridges is also currently suspended for a breach of confidence, relating to passing on embargoed team information to his son. The information was subsequently posted on Facebook.

Bridges, whose case was also dealt with by independent arbitrators Sport Resolutions, told Newyddion: “I can’t complain about the suspension or the way it was handled “I broke the rules and pleaded guilty and so I’m suspended as an FAW council member, but still active in the game.”

South Wales representative Huw Jones’ transgression was considered less serious and dealt with internally by the FAW. He has served his suspension.

Last year, FAW chief executive Noel Mooney said: “Ensuring that football in Wales is equal, diverse and inclusive for everyone is a priority for us at the Football Association of Wales.”