CHEPSTOW boxer Ethan Jones was part of a Wales Eastern Division team that boxed in Northampton on Sunday.

He took on Callum Latimer, a highly skilled boxer who has been English and GB Champion in a bout that had Chepstow head coach beaming with pride.

“What a bout it was,” he said after returning home.

“The first two rounds were brilliant and were close and could have gone either way.

“The third round was a toe-to-toe war with Jones doing the better of the two boxers.  

“These are the type of fights we can usually only dream of, when two perfectly matched boxers go to war for three rounds.

“When the final bell rang the whole crowd were on their feet cheering and clapping both boxers.

“Latimer the taller of the two won by a split decision. It was fair judging and could have just as easily gone the other way.

“This bout has set Jones up perfectly for the Welsh championships which he will box in two weeks’ time.

“As his coach I couldn’t ask for anymore than he gave tonight. I’m very proud indeed.

“Some people including judges were saying things like 'best bout I’ve seen in five years', 'That’s the best I’ve ever seen' and 'Bout of the year'.

"Ethan came away knowing he put in his best performances to date, just weeks before the championships.”