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Abergavenny business wins £250 million deal to help build Ebbw Vale race track

7:10am Wednesday 31st October 2012

AN ABERGAVENNY firm will help build a £250 million motorsport development planned for Ebbw Vale.

Nissan Basecamp Open! And Griffin Mill awarded Top 50 Garage of the Year!

Free Press Series: Top 50 Garage: Griffin Mill's Nissan Basecamp is open

9:24am Thursday 13th September 2012

YET more great news from Griffin Mill as they announce the opening of their new Nissan dealership on Treforest Industrial Estate and their award as a TOP 50 dealer in Motor Codes Garage of the Year Awards.


Free Press Series: Mitsubishi's new ASX aims to compete in the popular crossover segment

1:50pm Saturday 22nd May 2010

MITSUBISHI'S visibility is phenomenal. For a manufacturer with a limited presence in the UK, its vehicles have huge presence on the road. The distinctive trait of a huge, aggressive grille means that across the range, Mitsubishi's passenger cars can be recognised from some distance.

BMW owners 'the worst drivers'

Free Press Series: BMW drivers have long suffered with an image problem

4:20pm Friday 21st May 2010

A BMW may be a "must have" car but many motorists see it as a "must avoid" vehicle on the road, it has been disclosed.

TYPE CAST - Honda Accord Tourer 2.2 i-DTEC Type S

Free Press Series: The Accord Tourer Type S boasts lots of equipment and a stylish exterior

3:20pm Friday 21st May 2010

THE HONDA Accord is one of the under-rated gems within the D-segment. It’s not alone. Cars such as the Citroen C5, Mazda 6 and Skoda Octavia are similarly worthy of greater attention.

Clarkson loses footpath ruling

Free Press Series: Clarkson has been involved in a long dispute with ramblers

2:40pm Friday 21st May 2010

WALKERS can use a footpath around the Isle of Man holiday home of Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson, a public inquiry has ruled.

Government 'will end the war on motorists'

2:20pm Friday 21st May 2010

NEW TRANSPORT Secretary Philip Hammond has vowed that the coalition Government would "end the war on motorists".

FIRST DRIVE: BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics

Free Press Series: BMW drivers have long suffered with an image problem

2:02pm Friday 21st May 2010

SUCH has been the pace of progress in a few short years that we’ve come a long way from the novelty of cars with low CO2 ratings.

Continental picks up top award

Free Press Series: Continental picks up top award

1:56pm Friday 21st May 2010

CONTINENTAL has been named the best of the best in the 2010 Auto Express Product Awards.

Drivers pull over for a short back and sides

Free Press Series: Ben Martin has set up a road-side barber

1:50pm Friday 21st May 2010

A BARBER who lost his business when the economy slumped has set up shop at the side of a major road.

Sweet FA makes an impressive tourer - Suzuki GSX1250FA

Free Press Series: Sweet FA - new Suzuki is an impressive package.

6:00pm Friday 14th May 2010

THE Suzuki’s Bandit was once considered a great first bike - a stepping stone on the way to a full-on sports bike.

Traffic on British roads falls 2%

5:30pm Friday 14th May 2010

TRAFFIC levels on British roads fell 2.1% in the first three months of this year compared with January-March 2009, provisional Government figures have shown.

Black cars 'impress neighbours the most'

Free Press Series: Black cars 'impress neighbours the most'

4:10pm Friday 14th May 2010

CAR OWNERS believe black is the colour if they want to impress their neighbours, it has been revealed.

Ash could see holiday makers opt for ferry and car

Free Press Series: Ferry companies are urging tourists to consider driving instead of flying

4:00pm Friday 14th May 2010

THE VOLCANIC ash fiasco and fears of an early repeat could trigger a switch towards 'ferry and drive holidays' among holidaymakers heading for Europe this summer.

Spy cameras for crossing patrols

Free Press Series: Spy cameras for crossing patrols

3:20pm Friday 14th May 2010

LOLLIPOP ladies (and men) have a new weapon in the battle against dangerous motorists - cameras fixed to their trademark poles.

Luther star collects driving fines during rally

Free Press Series: Celebrities such as Elba are fans of the Gumball 3,000

2:50pm Friday 14th May 2010

HE STARS as a maverick policeman in new series Luther, but Idris Elba has come up against the long arm of the law himself.

Land Rover to create 275 UK jobs

Free Press Series: Land Rover to create 275 UK jobs

2:10pm Friday 14th May 2010

CAR GIANT Land Rover has given the motor industry a huge boost by announcing plans to create 275 new jobs at its UK manufacturing plant.

Contempt of court - Vauxhall Astra Exclusiv 1.4 Turbo

Free Press Series: The new Astra is an excellent all-round package

1:07pm Friday 14th May 2010

COMPACT HATCHBACKS are like Tim Henman. They have consistently over-performed year-in, year-out, to the point that we have come to expect too much of them.

FIRST DRIVE: Mazda 6 hatchback

Free Press Series: Stylish Mazda 6 hatch offers a more economical and value-added ownership experience thanks to a raft of subtle improvements

12:58pm Friday 14th May 2010

IN A FEW short years, Mazda’s mid-size offerings have gone from being modest to marvelous. The Japanese company’s old 626 did the job, but its first generation Mazda 6 did it better - and in style.

Car buyers 'taken for a ride' on finance deals

Free Press Series: Buyers have been warned to avoid showroom finance

3:00pm Monday 10th May 2010

CAR DEALERS are "taking customers for a ride" by not being clear about how much interest they will pay on their motor, according to Which? Car magazine.

More drivers servicing own cars

Free Press Series: Owners no longer confident when it comes to doing their own servicing on a modern car

2:40pm Monday 10th May 2010

MORE motorists are doing their own car servicing but most are not sure they can make a good job of it, new research has showed.


Free Press Series: Little black number - Kymco Super 8

2:11pm Monday 10th May 2010

Ian Grainger rides the Kymco Super 8 - a great looking budget scooter from Taiwan.

THE THIRD WAY - Subaru Legacy Outback 2.0D SE NavPlus

Free Press Series: THE THIRD WAY - Subaru Legacy Outback 2.0D SE NavPlus

2:07pm Monday 10th May 2010

QUIETLY getting on with the job is the phrase that best sums up the approach to Subaru motoring - excluding the wild-child hot Imprezas of course.

New car sales continue to rise

5:30pm Friday 16th April 2010

NEW CAR SALES will show another healthy rise when official figures for March 2010 are published.

RAC urges review of accident closure times

4:43pm Friday 16th April 2010

A FULL-scale review of the amount of time roads are closed after serious accidents has been called for by the RAC Foundation.

FIRST DRIVE: Tesla Roadster Sport

Free Press Series: Tesla’s Roadster Sport delivers electrifying performance without a hint of a compromise

4:40pm Friday 16th April 2010

THE PHRASE ‘game-changing’ is used a lot in technology circles. Used to describe something new, it’s nearly always the description of choice of our friends from across the Atlantic.


Free Press Series: High achiever - Fiat’s Doblo offers versatility and impressive performance in one rounded package

4:37pm Friday 16th April 2010

A STALLWART of the taxi rank and a good all-rounder for anyone seeking more than just a family hatchback, it would be fair to describe Fiat’s previous generation Doblo as one of life’s unsung heroes.

Having fun with a 250 - Kawasaki KLX250

Free Press Series: Having fun with a 250 - Kawasaki KLX250

4:35pm Friday 16th April 2010

High insurance, high maintenance costs and less than 40mpg - sometimes high-powered motorcycles don’t seem to make sense. Jane Omorogbe has been enjoying herself on a lightweight Kawasaki.

FIRST DRIVE: Mini convertible

Free Press Series: Looks familiar? Look under the skin and Mini’s second generation Convertible is a welcome leap forward

4:31pm Friday 16th April 2010

IF YOU go by looks alone, you can be forgiven for thinking that there’s an awful lot of fuss about very little regarding the so-called new Mini Convertible. After all, it’s got to look like a Mini for it to remain faithful to the brand.


Free Press Series: Drop-dead gorgeous RCZ is proof that Peugeot is back on track

4:28pm Friday 16th April 2010

IF THERE’S one thing that’s guaranteed to frustrate motoring journalists it’s when a car maker wheels out a stunning concept but fails to follow through with a production model.

FIRST DRIVE: Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

Free Press Series: The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet replaces the CLK Cabriolet

1:40pm Monday 29th March 2010

THE ASTONISHINGLY vast Mercedes-Benz line-up has become a little simpler of late, with the CLK coupe and cabriolet models being replaced by new versions badged E-Class.

Company car cutbacks likely – survey

12:50pm Monday 29th March 2010

COMPANY CAR cutbacks are likely even though most firms think the economy is improving, it has been revealed.

2010 KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-6R - Control for maximum excitement

Free Press Series: 2010 KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-6R - Control for maximum excitement

11:52am Monday 29th March 2010

An evolution of the 2007 Ninja ZX-6R, the 2009 model 6R takes the performance of its track-oriented predecessor to a higher level.

Petrol prices 'heading for record high'

Free Press Series: Petrol prices 'heading for record high'

11:50am Monday 29th March 2010

PETROL prices will reach record levels this year, according to research by the AA.

IN THE COMFORT ZONE - Subaru Legacy Tourer 2.0D S

Free Press Series: The Subaru legacy Tourer is large and well equipped

11:48am Monday 29th March 2010

"WHAT IS wrong with the middle?" asked a recent advertising campaign for a delicious, buttery substance.

Honda recalls 410,000 vehicles over brake problem

Free Press Series: Honda recalls 410,000 vehicles over brake problem

10:20am Saturday 20th March 2010

HONDA is to recall more than 410,000 vehicles in the US because of braking problems that could make it harder to stop if they are not repaired.

New cars greener after scrappage scheme success

Free Press Series: Green credentials of scrappage scheme highlighted in new report

6:10pm Friday 19th March 2010

NEW cars got greener last year thanks to the Government's "cash for bangers" vehicle scrappage scheme, it was has been announced.

Urban twins - Kawasaki ER-6n and ER-6f

Free Press Series: Urban twins - Kawasaki ER-6n and ER-6f

5:10pm Friday 19th March 2010

KAWASAKI’S ER-6n and ER-6f are urban twins, distinguished apart by one’s nakedness and the other’s stylish bodywork. There wasn’t an awful lot wrong with these bikes in the first place, but Kawasaki has given both machines a revamp. Jane Omorogbe reports.

'Numberplates confuse drivers' says survey

Free Press Series: 'Numberplates confuse drivers' says survey

5:10pm Friday 19th March 2010

A SURVEY by Auto Trader reveals that Brits don’t know the age of their own vehicles, with one in four [26%] UK car owners unable to identify the month and year in which their vehicle was registered.

Rethink on work and commute urged

Free Press Series: Rethink on work and commute urged

4:10pm Friday 19th March 2010

RADICAL changes to the way staff work and commute are needed to avoid future gridlock on the roads, the CBI has said.

FIRST DRIVE: Hyundai iX35

Free Press Series: FIRST DRIVE: Hyundai iX35

3:50pm Friday 19th March 2010

A POORLY performing economy forces most of us to consider how we spend our cash, and it often only takes a quick scan through the direct debit inventory, shopping list or - for the particularly organised - monthly budget to see where 'swinging cuts' can be made.

Fiat Eco:Drive moves into fleet

3:26pm Friday 19th March 2010

ECO:DRIVE, Fiat’s awarding-winning in-car system that can save fuel and reduce emissions, has been introduced to the fleet market with the launch of eco:Drive Fleet.

New rules to improve safety and information at road works

Free Press Series: New rules to improve safety and information at road works

3:20pm Friday 19th March 2010

ALL ROAD WORKS will need to be clearly signed and meet strict rules on safety under plans published today by Transport Minister Sadiq Khan.

Call for level crossing questions in driving test

Free Press Series: Train chief calls for learners to receive instruction on how to deal with level crossings

3:10pm Friday 19th March 2010

THE DRIVING test should include compulsory questions about level crossings, a rail chief has said.

Call to test learners on energy efficient motoring

Free Press Series: Call to test learners on energy efficient motoring

4:50pm Friday 5th March 2010

LEARNER DRIVERS should be tested on energy efficiency as part of their test under plans to cut transport emissions and save motorists money, a leading business group has urged.

Drivers still using mobile phones

Free Press Series: Drivers still using mobile phones

3:50pm Friday 5th March 2010

THREE YEARS on from the introduction of tougher in-car mobile phone rules, many motorists are still flouting the law, according to a new survey.

Chaos theory - Skoda Octavia Scout

Free Press Series: The revised Octavia Scout boasts a sharper exterior design

1:50pm Friday 5th March 2010

IT HAS been said, time and time again, that we're simply not prepared for adverse conditions on this island.

The ayes have it - Hyundai i20 1.4 CRDi Comfort 3dr

Free Press Series: The ayes have it - Hyundai i20 1.4 CRDi Comfort 3dr

11:53am Friday 5th March 2010

SAY WHAT you like about brand-building or image - and most manufacturers have something to say on the subject - but these days the boundaries are being torn down. Car buyers are looking beyond brands they know and looking at the tangibles, like price, specification and warranty.

Prices announced for all-new Fiat Doblo

Free Press Series: New Doblo promises more equipment and improved refinement

11:50am Friday 5th March 2010

PRICING for the new Doblo has been announced by Fiat UK.

Cash boost for ultra-low carbon cars

Free Press Series: Government announces new low-carbon motoring initiative

11:48am Friday 5th March 2010

MOTORISTS who buy an ultra-low carbon car will receive 25% off the price up to a maximum of £5,000, the Government has announced. The grant will be available from January 2011 when a range of eligible vehicles are expected to be on line.


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