A PROJECT aimed at using radio as part of the school syllabus is set to launch in Torfaen.

Dan Williams, founder and manager of community radio station Vitalize Radio, is hoping to introduce the project to link in with the Welsh Government’s 21st century schools programme.

He said: “It’s been a process, but it’s starting to take shape.

“There is a studio at Abercarn Primary School in Caerphilly. A number of schools in Torfaen travel to Abercarn to use their studio.

“After seeing that, I thought there was an opportunity to develop what we offer here at Vitalize, as the area needs somewhere closer for schools to use.

“With the 21st century schools programme focusing on practical learning and IT skills, it is a great opportunity for the children to use the facilities here.

“It ticks all the boxes for me.”

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Vitalize founder and station manager Dan Williams. Picture: Dan Williams.

Mr Williams said that the project would teach the children about a range of roles involved in radio and would help develop a whole range of skills.

“There are a lot of different roles in radio, it is not just the presenter,” he said.

“Myself and my team will be able to teach them everything, from presenting to creating a playlist, recording links, writing and recording news and weather bulletins and the behind the scenes roles.

“Overall, it helps to develop so many skills.

“It can help develop their confidence, their IT skills, and their practical learning skills.

“Not everybody learns best in the classroom, so to learn in a different environment can be really beneficial.

“The aim is to give students a voice. They will be able to speak out about issues that affect them.”


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The project will either involve children coming in to the studio, or the station’s portable studio visiting the schools.

“It’s all skill-based learning. When it comes to work experience, they could develop those skills that they have picked up through this project to get experience either at Vitalize or another station.

“It is a training programme to allow them to develop those skills.

“It is a really good opportunity to inform the children about a new career that they might not have thought about.

“Working in radio is not one of those jobs that you would think about every day.

“It’s a unique opportunity for them.”