10:58am Monday 16th June 2014

BEING a town councillor and resident in Monmouthshire, I must say I am disgusted with the way Monmouthshire County Council treats us all.

Licence refund

11:17am Friday 13th June 2014

AS THE university summer break begins, and students in the University of South Wales move back home for the summer holidays, TV Licensing is reminding them that they could be eligible for a very useful refund of almost £37 on the final quarter of their annual TV licence.

Back the Bill

12:40pm Friday 28th February 2014

ON MARCH 5, I will be leading a debate in the National Assembly on my proposed bill for a legal duty for Minimum Nurse Staffing Levels.

Maggie was OTT

11:53am Friday 31st January 2014

TORIES have a tendency to go OTT. I believe Margaret Thatcher went OTT when a mounted police force charged a group of striking miners down a Barnsley Street in 1984.

50 arrests on this year's Black Friday in Gwent

11:31am Sunday 22nd December 2013

THE last Friday before Christmas, dubbed "Black Friday", saw 50 people arrested across Gwent, a slight drop on last year, the police have said.

No to new M4

11:53am Tuesday 1st October 2013

IT IS a great pity that your article demanding that the new M4 be built preceded the publication of the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).You recognise that a new M4 would have an impact on wildlife on the Gwent Levels but you make no mention of what could turn out to be a hugely greater problem; I mean of course climate change.

Creative answer

12:05pm Tuesday 10th September 2013

WHAT A clever but devious plot to David Cameron’s appeal to his cabinet: “How can we reduce unemployment figures dramatically before the next election?” The education minister delivered the answer.

Who will act?

12:33pm Wednesday 4th September 2013

MORE than 1,400 people gassed to death, more than 400 of them children. I guess it leaves a bitter taste in most people’s mouths, doesn’t it? Has Obama painted himself into a corner by saying “No boots on the ground”? He may be right, but doing nothing is surely not an option... action in Syria could indeed start a third world war.

No to vaccines

12:23pm Wednesday 4th September 2013

LAST WEEK we had a cow taken away for slaughter because she was a TB reactor. Lovely young cow, very sad. Left behind was a strong, six-week-old bull calf. We had to teach it to drink milk (from a local dairy farm) and feed and care for this calf. This week an abattoir rang to say the calf must go too as the cow had TB lesions, and it was duly collected.

Landlords gain

11:33am Thursday 29th August 2013

HOW providential it is that in the same week in which you report that hundreds of victims of the ‘bedroom tax’ in the county have fallen behind with their rents, the Coalition’s justification for this wicked tax has been blown apart.

Policing pledge

10:23am Tuesday 27th August 2013

I REFER to the letter from John Williams relating to the Gwent Police use of ‘one- stop shops’. I am working with the chief constable to review the way that communities can access police stations, officers and staff.

White Elephant

4:40pm Monday 19th August 2013

I WRITE in response to the decision by Natural Resources Wales to drop its objections to the proposed Circuit of Wales project.

Making it Plain

12:57pm Friday 16th August 2013

I WONDER if Mr Greenhalgh quite understood what I was saying about the people who were deserving of respect. By no means all of them, but many of the ones who I have in mind as I wrote the letter will now be elderly and long since retired, but were at one time highly trained engineer surveyors with what I consider was extremely valuable knowledge and a desire to see work carried out safely by a company that many locals referred to as “the cancer factory”.

Get Knitting

11:36am Wednesday 14th August 2013

AGE CYMRU needs your readers’ help with our The Big Knit 2013 fundraiser.

What would Darwin think?

3:24pm Wednesday 7th August 2013

I WOULD like to draw the attention of Mr Tom McCarthy (I like informality Tom) and R H Ashton to the experiments being carried out by Professor David Redich at Minnesota University.

No way to treat elderly people

2:18pm Friday 2nd August 2013

What, I wonder, is the cause of so many people placed in positions of minor authority to rapidly become tyrannical, especially when dealing with the elderly?

Middle Way is the right place

1:36pm Wednesday 31st July 2013

I THINK the decision to build houses on the scrap of land between Aust Crescent and Burntbarn Road is wrong.

Workers safety under threat

1:31pm Wednesday 31st July 2013

MY uncle worked in a coking plant at a South Yorkshire Colliery. It brought about his early death.

Stop payouts to murderers

12:37pm Thursday 25th July 2013

I NOTE with dismay that the British Government has agreed to pay the murderous Kenyan Mau Mau some £14m for the alleged ill treatment.

Best to just shake head

1:22pm Wednesday 24th July 2013

BEING somewhat less than enamoured by religious matters and by the insistence of some theologians that man was made in God’s image I have a lot of sympathy with Terry Banfield’s letter (Your Say, July 17).

Commissioner should not get off scot-free

3:56pm Tuesday 23rd July 2013

REGARDING the retirement of Mrs Carmel Napier, it’s happened. What I believe needs pursuing is the much-criticised attitude of the police commissioner, Mr Ian Johnston when required by respected Members of Parliament to answer to his actions leading up to the retirement of the former Chief Constable.

Home idea for Brecon funding

10:48am Wednesday 17th July 2013

IT IS wonderful news that the funding for Brecon’s operation has been raised so quickly.

Discord over music funding

11:33am Tuesday 18th June 2013

AMONG the worst things about Newport City Council’s withdrawal of funding for Gwent Music Support Service, aside from the devastation caused to an absolutely fantastic and highly respected system, is that many children from outside Newport, in Monmouthshire, Torfaen and Blaenau Gwent, are also suffering the consequences.

Drivers should obey the law

11:31am Tuesday 18th June 2013

ALTHOUGH I agree with much of what Mr A Greenhalgh has to say in his letter of June 12 about driving on the continent, I fail to see that being lenient with law-breaking motorists has anything to recommend it and would replace the issuing of a summons with an on the spot fine and automatic points on the licence.

Threat to our health service

11:30am Tuesday 18th June 2013

I AM EXTREMELYworried about the NHS.

Outside lane is for overtaking

11:21am Friday 14th June 2013

I HATE to disagree with my ex-Argus colleague Andy Rutherford (The Weekender, June 8) but there can be no such thing as ‘middle-lane hogging’ on a motorway.

Gwent Police Commissioner should go

4:38pm Thursday 13th June 2013

ARGUS readers saw a series of letters from me, during, and subsequent to the election of Ian Johnston as Gwent police commissioner, and letters supporting him from others, including his buddy Paul Harris, who he appointed on a personal decision as his deputy.

Watch out, Big Brother

4:37pm Thursday 13th June 2013

BIG Brother is here in the form of government and particularly in our case, the local authority.

Sad to see Gwent's top cop on her way

1:28pm Thursday 6th June 2013

 HOW very sad, but entirely predictable, that our excellent, admirable and extremely competent chief constable has been forced to retire.

Hatred leads to suffering

2:48pm Friday 31st May 2013

MARIA Williams’ Bank holiday Monday article “We cannot give in to the cycle of hatred” is absolutely right.

Bickering is getting boring

12:29pm Thursday 30th May 2013

I, AND I’m sure many other readers think it’s high time you called a halt to the oh-so-regular pathetic, childish feud between the Messrs Dix and Kirby, and their old adversary, Allan Pritchard. All their “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah” politics via your letters columns are wearing a bit thin.  

Help for me and my dog

3:50pm Wednesday 29th May 2013

MAY I, through your letters page, say a big thank you to several very kind hearted people. We’re lucky to have such people around who care about animals and about our domestic pets in particular. I am, of course, aware there are numerous others around who don’t care that much about any animal, but let me relate a recent incident. While working on his land the farmer who lives in the farm below me accidentally severed my underground telephone cable with his excavator, just when I needed a reliable line to contact the vet. The linesmen involved in getting it repaired were kindness personified and the young chap who lives next door to me not only helped organise getting the repair done, but also drove me and my precious dog many miles to a distant veterinary practice. Thanks to all of you, I appreciate the kindness you have shown to me and to my lovely dog. I understand my dog is now responding well to the treatment he’s getting. Walt Jackson Llantrisant, Usk

Allow service to reach potential

11:29am Wednesday 8th May 2013

Paramedics deliver one of the most respectable services in society.


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