TORFAEN council leader Cllr Anthony Hunt has called for residents to look after themselves and each other during the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier this week, three cases were confirmed in Torfaen, before Public Health Wales stopped releasing information on cases by local authority area.

Cllr Hunt called on residents to take care of each other in this difficult situation.

"In recent days I’ve been amazed by the generosity of residents and groups across the borough coming together to offer help and support for each other," he said.

"I would also ask everyone to be considerate when shopping. As a husband and dad of two young children, I understand the temptation to stock up and look after your own family, but if we all buy more than we need it means that others will be left without.


"Shops have plans to ensure there is enough for everyone and the only thing causing empty shelves is panic buying.

"Please continue to be a good neighbour to the elderly and the vulnerable and take care of yourself and each other.

"Together, we will get through this."

He also outlined the work the council was doing to help residents cope with the outbreak.

"As the Leader of Torfaen Council, I want to reassure all our residents that while we are guided by, and must follow national government advice, we have been working hard since the outbreak of coronavirus to plan how we keep essential services functioning wherever possible," he said.

"This is an unprecedented, dynamic situation and many residents, businesses and community organisations are understandably concerned.

"As a council we deliver services that the most vulnerable people in our communities rely upon. The potential implications of coronavirus for the council, other public service partners and the residents and communities of Torfaen is significant.

"A major challenge facing the council will be how we continue to deliver essential services, should there be a vastly reduced workforce. This is our immediate priority.

"One way in which our residents can help is by accessing our services online rather than face-to-face, via

"As we begin to redeploy available staff towards delivering essential services, I would also ask residents to bear with us in the delivery of other services.

"I know that all of our staff and public service partners will do their very best for the people we serve, and I would like to thank them all for that in these challenging times. We will work closely with our partners to ensure that we can provide the necessary support and care to our staff and residents in the weeks ahead."

Cllr Hunt also said the council were planning a response to the Welsh Government’s announcement around the closure of schools.